The olives from this oil with grapefruit and pink peppers were harvested in early November 2019, pressed immediately (within a maximum of 8 hours) and the extra virgin olive oil is stored airtight in large steel barrels. In August 2020, as soon as fresh lemons from Sicily are available, this oil will be produced together with pink peppers from Calabria. These bottles were bottled on August 24, 2020 and have a shelf life of at least two years.

Casa Astrid produces a one-off annually limited volume of 50 liters olive oil with grapefruit and pink peppers. Months in advance, we reserve a fixed number of grapefruit of the highest quality from our Italian grapefruit farmer and partner in Sicily. Both transport and production are limited to once a year, so we contribute to less CO2 emissions. This volume is divided over the following packages:

200 bottles of 250ml

If sold out, you can book for the next availability in August 2021.


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