This 10 liter Ecopack is the largest size of extra virgin olive oil available at Casa Astrid. This format is suitable for large catering consumption, the content is intended to be transferred to a steel barrel with tap. If you do not have a food approved steel vessel, we do not recommend this format.

This delicious, extra virgin olive oil originates at the foot of an ancient country house in the rolling hills of Umbria. The olive grove consists of three varieties (70% Moraiolo, 15% Leccino and 15% Frantoio) and is known for its healthy and remarkably tasty olive oil.

The olives are hand-picked and pressed and centrifuged within 6 hours of harvest. The olive oil is stored in steel barrels and bottled airtight in reusable stainless steel bottles. Even better protected against light, air and heat.

The result is a top quality, honestly produced, extra virgin olive oil. The extra virgin label is due to an acidity and purity that is up to six times lower than the imposed quota.



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