Pure olive oil

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The Mediterranean diet has been considered the key to a healthy and long life for centuries and was developed from the diet of residents around the Mediterranean in the early 1960s. Olive oil plays one of the main roles in this diet, as a natural source of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

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Olive oil is the only oil that is pressed and is not produced by heating or adding chemical products. To limit the effects of light, heat and oxygen as much as possible, we store the oil in steel barrels to rest for a few weeks. The oil is vacuum bottled in steel bottles that do not let in oxygen or light.

We strictly monitor the quality and purity of our olive oil and in this way can offer you a product that we are sure that you will also taste the difference with the ‘mainstream’ olive oil, which contains fewer vitamins and bioactive substances than the Extra virgin olive oil. . Our organic olive oil is produced according to the rules of the art in the hills of Assisi.

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A summer barbecue, a fresh salad or a winter oven dish. With our extra virgin olive oil you add an extra touch to any dish. With a basket of bread on the dining table as well as in preparations or salads, you are always assured of the delicious taste and high purity of our organic olive oil.

Try a bottle now and enjoy the pure Italian taste. We are curious to hear what you think and hope to see you again soon.

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